Get maximum value from customer interactions by offering them an optimal experience 

Customer Knowledge?

Interact with your customers / users to increase your sales by soliciting them in a personalized way and offering them an optimal customer experience:

  • at the right time
  • with the best interaction channels
  • pushing the most appropriate information
  • by proposing a questionnaire with optimized UX / UI



I accompany you in the definition and monitoring of marketing / communication objectives related to the implementation of a customer feedbacks program for:

  • Image of listening and customer loyalty
  • Continuous improvement of the offer based on the analysis (semantics) of the feedbacks
  • Improved e-reputation thanks to the dissemination of the opinions collected
  • Qualification of online prospects and boost of customer retention – Inbound Marketing

Why choose an independent consultant?

  •  Expertise (monitoring, studies) in Customer Knowledge : actors and solutions
  • Good practices gathered through various experiences (former marketing director in a start-up specializing in customer opinion) and the professional network (networking, events, interviews, etc.)
  • Business model knowledge of solution providers (rates, benefits, options and hidden costs)



« People who leave opinions, even negative, like the brand, they express an expectation, a disappointment, but if they take the time to write an opinion, they express a form of attachment. »

Olivier Barre Customer satisfaction and Recommendation Manager at Decathlon